Relief From Upper Back Pain And Lower Back Pain - the BodyBridge by the Back Solution
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Mini BodyBridge

Feel Better
In Minutes!

Unique Uplift

Mini BodyBridge provides a unique uplift. This helps to maintain the integrity of healthy spinal discs. It is also key in maintaining the youthfulness of the body. When your energy is down, Mini BodyBridge will help bring it up. Its usefulness and versatility makes Mini BodyBridge perfect for meditation or as an ergonomic device for the work place. America's most affordable stress reliever. Light weight and portable, use it at home, work, in a car or even in an airplane!

Increase Flexibility

Neck Exercise with Mini BodyBridge Neck

1. Lie facing up and place Mini BodyBridge under and perpendicular to your head. The inner edge of either track holds your head, while the outer edge is in contact with the base of your skull.
2. Let the weight of your head rest on the Mini BodyBridge. Slowly roll your head along the track, from left to right and then back again. Use deep breathing to help relax your muscles as they are massaged and stretched. 3 to 5 minutes, or 12 t o 18 complete head rolls is a reasonable amount of time and exercise.
3. Use hands to hold Mini BodyBridge to prevent slipping.


1. Sit on a comfortable level surface. Place Mini BodyBridge on the floor parallel to your spine, so that when you ease back into it, the top point of the arc is touching the back of your head. Rest, with arms at your sides, doing slow regular b reathing for 2 minutes, then come up to a sitting position. (Hold with thumb and index fingers to prevent slipping.)
2. With Mini BodyBridge on the floor and parallel to your spine, ease back onto it so that the high point of the arc touches the point just between your shoulder blades. Cross your arms, placing the hands on your shoulders, and gently rock back a nd forth. Totally relax in this position for 3 minutes.

Shoulder Exercise with Mini BodyBridge

Mini BodyBridge Lower Back Exercise

Lower Back

1. Sit on a firm, comfortable level surface. Place Mini BodyBridge on the floor parallel to your spine so that when you ease back on to it, the high point of the arc touches your spine just below the shoulder blades. (Remember to use your elbo ws for any needed support), Rest in this position for a minute with arms at sides and your facial muscles and jaw relaxed.
2. Stretch your arms up, over and fully in back of your head. Hold this position for a few moments and then return to your original placement of arms at sides. This exercise is best done slowly and evenly, and repeated 5-6 times, or 2 minut es. Maintain slow regular breathing. Sit upright and rest for a moment. (Hold with thumb and index fingers to prevent slipping.)

Toning and Conditioning

In The Sitting Position Place Mini BodyBridge lengthwise, in a solid backed chair or seat so that your spine is resting comfortably in the groove. Your own body weight will hold it in place. It will uplift you and help you to breath bette r, improving posture, preventing slumping and round shoulders. Use in the lower or upper back for 5-10 minutes at a time. it is particularly effective on long car trips, or for prolonged periods of sitting.

Mini BodyBridge, Toning and Conditioning

An excellent way to release back tension is to turn the Mini BodyBridge over and tuck it under the buttocks. Note: you will find a spot where it will feel comfortable or "just right". In this position slowly rock from side to side and feel the tension relax in your back.

To more effectively utilitize the Mini BodyBridge practice these arm positions.

1. Upper Back - Raise arms over the head.
2. Mid Back - Bring arms out to the side(like a cross).
3. Lower Back - Have arms down by your side.

Experiment with these arm positions and find what works best for you.

Mini Body Bridge
America's Most Affordable Stress Reliever!

$55 plus $8.50 shipping & handling

Cushion Color: Black



1. Breath literally is life itself. Breathing to full capacity is basic to vibrant health. Most people, however, breathe 'automatically', that is without any awareness of their breathing cycle. this cycle of breath consists of an in breath, a holding of the breath in the lungs, an out breath, and pause before the next in breath. Awareness of your changing breathing patterns will give you the key to physically relax and stabilize your mind. Deep breathing in a consistent rhythm during the breath cycle is a simple yet totally effective technique to quickly make your breath's power work for you.

Very few people breathe deeply, that is, from the diaphragm. That is the only form of breathing that uses the lungs to their full potential. the diaphragm, the major muscle of breath, is located between the chest and the belly. In order to breathe deeply, you need to bring the incoming breath all the way down to the bottom part of the lungs.

When using Mini BodyBridge, breathe deeply in a slow and steady rhythm for best results. Relax, close your eyes, and concentrate on equal inbreaths and outbreaths. If you find any difficulty in maintaining your attention to the breath cycle, try coun ting either silently or aloud. Slow cycles of four to six beats are recommended to start.

2. Sit on a firm, comfortable level surface. Place Mini BodyBridge on the floor, parallel to your spine, so that when you ease back onto it, the top of the arc touches the point between your shoulder blades. Keep arms at sides, legs together and fully extended. Close your eyes, drop your shoulders and concentrate on your breath cycle. Maintain a deep breathing pattern in steady rhythm for at least 3 minutes. (You may want to place your hands on your abdomen to check the movement of the breath going in and out.) Let go of all body and emotional tensions with each exhale. Relax with each inhale.

Expanding the chest cavity, combined with deep diahragmatic breathing is the best way to exercise heart and lungs. Having the head below the heart is a must. Oxygentated blood flowing into the brain helps to rejuvenate and invigorate the central nerv ous system.


Amount Of Use Of Mini BodyBridge

Take the time for yourself to use Mini BodyBridge at least once a day for 5-10 minutes. See specific instructions for ideal timing. Ideally, use your Mini BodyBridge upon arising and before retiring, or as desired during the day.

Additional Support Getting In And Out of Position

Use your elbow to support your upper body when easing into or getting up from a lying position. Senior citizens may want to have a friend or partner assist when getting into or out of a lying position.

Restrictive Clothing

For all uses of Mini BodyBridge it is recommended to loosen any belts or tight clothes so that your body may expand freely with your breathing and allow your muscles and joints to be fully stretched and massaged.

Pain And Tenderness

When using Mini BodyBridge, you initially experience tenderness on particular points along the spine or in the musculature. This pain or tenderness is your body's way of calling attention to the indicated areas. For example, tender area along the spi ne may indicate structural subtle energy blocks. Don't shy away from allowing the breath to dissolve the feelings of tightness and tension. Most of the tenderness will usually disappear within a few minutes. It is important not to rush into the sequenc e of exercises but rather to ease into them, step by step.

A Note Of Caution

If you experience continued discomfort over an extended period of time, it may be advisable to seek professional care.

Use the Mini BodyBridge daily and Feel Better In Minutes